About our residential program

Do you need a fresh start on life?  Are you ready to receive compassionate support as you seek healing, restoration and renewed hope?

We are currently accepting applications.  Please begin by calling 217-378-4045.

Merci's Refuge is a 6-9 month residential program designed to give adult women the time, space, tools and relational support to find healing from various life-controlling issues (substance abuse, difficulty obtaining goals, etc) and past emotional wounds (abuse, loss of loved ones, etc).  Our program is based on the Bible and beliefs of Christianity.  Residents do not need to share these beliefs to enter the program, though they must be willing to consider them in order to benefit from the program.

The first half of the program focuses inward, identifying and exploring the root issues and causes that keep each resident from obtaining their goals and living a joy-filled life.  The second half of the program focuses on developing healthy patterns of living and thinking while also gaining experience through a custom-designed internship within our organization or one of the businesses or ministries that partners with us.  

The majority of our programming currently takes place in the evenings from 4pm-9pm.  During the day, residents work on their internships, attend appointments in the community to obtain resources not provided at Merci's Refuge, and have free-time to take care of personal business.  Residents are required to follow our schedule and house rules. Residents are required to attend church every Sunday while at Merci's Refuge.  


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